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american citizens without cause or reason, they, with the defense bill, they can come to america and snatch you out of your home and they don't have to give you a trial court hearing. -- trial or a hearing. it is amazing how the democrats find every excuse for president obama under any circumstance to criticize him. you cannot march on several properties. that was in the defense bill in december. none of the democrats really care about the united states citizens or they would not be quiet. i'm tired of the hypocrisy. all president obama has to do is smile. but when the republicans get back in office, they can also use these powers and expand these powers. when you borrow money from china and you say i can come in your home and take you out of your home and i can detain you forever in the united states without a trial or a hearing. and another thing -- host: i will leave it there so we can get some more voices. first, here's what the white house press secretary jay carney had to say about it. [video clip] >> we have a knowledge that sometimes we use will be powered aircraft to conduct target
are some other stories in the news. outgoing secretary of defense leon panetta testified yesterday and here is that mine in "the washington times." here is the headline from when " the new york times" on secretary panetta testifying. the divisions on what to do about one of the issues facing the white house, the rising violence in syria, spilled into public view for the first time in a blunt exchange. it says secretary panetta and joint chiefs dempsey revealed they supported a plan last year to arm carefully vetted syrian rebels but it was ultimately vetoed by the white house. some other stories in the news. in measure would strengthen the mental health care system. a bipartisan group of senators have renewed urgency after the massacre at sandy hook elementary introduce legislation yesterday aimed at strengthening the nation's fragmented mental health system and improving access at the committee level. that is from "the washington post." here is "the baltimore sun" -- lawmakers are having a mixed reaction to the post office plan to go to five-day first-class delivery. lawmakers wrestled on
of everything else. they have got to quit doing all this nonsense. host: the outgoing secretary of defense was on "meet the press," yesterday. according to the headline, "the first line from leon panetta, it would be a shameful and irresponsible act for congress to allow the automated budget cuts known as sequestration to defect." -- to take affect." here is a bit of that conversation. [video clip] >> we have to plan for that possibility. so many members are saying that they would let it take place. why in god's name would members of congress elected by the american people take a step, badly damaging our national defense, undermining the support for our men and women in uniform. host: you said that this would be catastrophic, but it is not specific. sequester, are we going to be less safe? >> it is not just sequester. that is the piece that was missing in that discussion. under a continuing resolution, the combined effects of sequester and the continuing resolution creates a magnitude of cuts in the last half of the year. we have to absorb $52 billion when you count the effects of sequestr
because they are the best available weapons for self- defense. so, police officers, should the average citizens not have that same right? host: this is from twitter -- host: a couple of comments from twitter for you, spanwj is the handle their. this is from "the washington times." host: so, that effort moving on the state level. if you want to see what your state is possibly looking at doing. also from "the washington times," "college presidents oppose more guns on campuses." host: this is inside of "the washington times," this morning, if you are interested in that article as well. other news, front page of "the washington times," president misses fourth budget deadline, a gop house races red flag. host: speaking of the budget, the congressional budget office will give its 2013 economic outlook today at 2:00 p.m. eastern, sure to be making headlines tomorrow and getting reaction as well from lawmakers. on the nomination of former senator chuck a deal as defense secretary -- shut cahill -- chopped hegel -- chuck hagel on defense secretary. on immigration reform, "use an
. it has been an effective way of putting al qaeda on the defense and keeping them on the run. the president deserves congratulations for being relentlessly consistent and persistent in his drone program. does that mean it has been totally cost free? clearly there have been civilian harmed as a result of some of these drones attacks. that collateral damage is unacceptable and inappropriate. but let's be real. if we did not have a drone program, the homeland would be far more insecure. host: michelle has this point. get out of afghanistan. the russians went broke fighting that war. nothing will ever change there. we underestimate their culture. let's go to doug in boston. caller: the first phrase out of your guests's mouth was the nuclear program. there is no proof of such a program. marc ginsberg is a neo conservative zionist host:. -- host: a response from marc ginsberg. guest: if this individual wants to be educated, he should go to the website of the international atomic agency. if he does not believe that, he will buy the brooklyn bridge. host: is there a thorn policy chal
's confirmation hearing of former senator chuck hagel to be secretary of defense. later on, looking at how americans across the country are doing financially. we will take those up after this. >> john mccain's 2000 campaign when he ran for president is the most memorable campaign of any that i've ever covered. we will never see it again. facing george w. bush, who had all the republican party backing him and three republican governors and new hampshire and all the money. john mccain held 114 town meetings and he stayed there until every question was answered. you see the light all going off in people's heads, saying when are we going to get a patient's bill of rights? john mccain would say we're not calling to get the patient bill of rights as long as my party is owned and the democratic party is owned. he was candid and was totally open to the press. it was a candor and openness and all calmness -- and welcome nesss. >> mark shields, his career, sunday nights 8:00 on c-span. >> from almost the founding you're able to see fertility rates declining. by the time we had the second world war,
. guest: i did want to point out that the department of defense is probably like many employers to understand that forming a family through adoption can have expenses that are somewhat unique and often not covered through things like insurance, so to their credit, they stepped up and said, "we want to be part of that as well. we want to be part of helping children find homes." so they do provide assistance to their employees. one of the things we also know about adoption, no matter what type of adoption it is, it comes with expenses, as was talked about by phil. if you are talking about an international adoption, it could be the cost of an agency that assists you abroad. it could be the cost of traveling -- sometimes you travel back and forth to the country three or four times and stay two or three weeks to assist in forming the bond. we know many families make under $80,000 a year combined, so we are not talking about people of great wealth, so these types of programs are important. but congress has done recently is to reauthorize the adoption tax credit, which is available to
we need to hit spending reduction targets. the sequester hits defense hard. that should be done differently. unless we are going to hit a spending reduction targets, we have to let it go through. host: an issue that may be coming up is the u.s. airways potential merger in phoenix. guest: they need to keep those slots in the u.s. so we can keep those slots. it has been great for the state and for the county. i do not want to get and the middle of that. host: will the judges hearing committee have to look at it? guest: it depends on how it is structured. host: would you support? guest: i would have to see what comes up. everyone is negotiating. host: st. paul, minnesota on our illegal emigrants line. - -- immigrants line. caller: someone who comes to this country thinking about working. in my case, i have four kids. my oldest one is eight years old. she needs to go to college. i do not know how i will pay for college for her. i have had to quit jobs because i do not have documents to work. if--- i do not have a social security number. they usually tell me to go to the social secur
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8